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Default Excuse me?

?Ike is certainly an intriguing guy,? said Smith. ?Really, he?s only started two years as a cornerback, one year in the NFL and one year in college, so he?s got a ton of upside, maybe more than any player in the NFL.?

More than any player in the NFL...? Wow! I knew Ike was a self-promoter but this is starting to smell. The PR spotlight shown on Troy may be starting to blind Taylor. And why not? Polamalu exemplifies exactly what is good about NFL players.

I just don't believe the Steelers are ready to 'go long' on Ike and perhaps a fishing analogy is approriate right about now. Part of me is beginning to think that we are baiting for a first round pick. His agent is making my point for me. "Really, he's only started two years" - one in college and one in the NFL - yet are they proposing that he should be paid as if he is a player with the most upside in the NFL.

Uhhhh. Pass. This is assuming he is gone after next year anyway. There are several draft prospects that we can get into camp this year who can begin to learn under 'Richard' LeBeau. It's not like we have a depleted secondary.

The idea of getting that extra 1st round draft pick is, well, starting to smell like roses.
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