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All members of the old Steelers Fever forums please update your profile. There seems to be a small glitch making everyone display an ICQ icon, even if they don't have an ICQ account. Please follow the directions below to remove the icon...

Simply, click 'Quick Links' > 'Edit Profile' and type in a bogus ICQ number > save profile > enter profile again > erase bogus ICQ number and save. Also, don't forget to update the remaining fields of your profile. All inactive users from the old Steelers Fever forums will be removed.

Anyway, the transfer went relatively well, a few posts were lost and thread views in the process. No big deal though. I still have to create a few more graphics and touch some things up. But, I think everything is kosher enough for it to enter operation. Let me know if you experience any problems, and MOST of all... share your suggestions and comments!

I'll be providing more information as time goes by.

Members will NOT need to re-register, names and passwords have been transferred!

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