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Default Re: Americans' suspicions frustrate U.S. Muslims

Wow...I know there are some radicals that give Muslims a bad name, but have never contributed anything except terrorism? Gosh. I could have sworn that Islam, in its golden era, basically instituted the first real hospitals, the first medical degrees, the first university and the scientific method. Not to mention that an Islamic university is credited as being the oldest degree granting university.

Without historical Islamic contributions, the studies of mathematics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, medicine, philosophy, psychology, agriculture and on and on and on, would not have advanced the same way.

I get the hate for terrorists. A terrorist of any nationality, race or religion sucks...but damn, talk about sweeping generalities in this thread.

I guess I should go along with the line of thinking here and say that since some Catholic priests like to touch little boys in the no-no spot, that all Catholics should be put under strict scrutiny and called worthless little kiddie touchers. Whats good for the goose I guess.
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