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Default Re: browns gameplan used against the seahawks?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
the 3rd and 500 play i will give to ben and hines despite a poorly thrown but perfectly executed scramble and toss by ben. the 2nd 2 i will give to whiz for capitalizing on seattles safety woes. the previous year the steelers had gotten by with a rookie qb with no repercussion until that years most important game so i know how you feel. hopefully hamlin makes it back for you all. especially when you couldve had a. archuletta if you made him the highest paid safety in the nfl.
So would you have pulled the trigger on Archuletta if you had a bunch of cap money lying around like the Seahawks did? (course they didn't know how much they had till the arbitrator sided with the Vikings on Hutchinson's poison pill contract)
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