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Default Re: Greetings from Tampa Bay

Originally Posted by Buc Bradshaw View Post
Greetings Steeler Fans and fellow Buc Fans,

2nd post. Just dropped to show support for Swashy's post. Bet you thought it was Terry Bradshaw. Shows what you know. All kidding aside, It's simply to get the Buc name in there in addition to recognizing your teams history. That Bradshaw guy sure had a habit of turning my TV screen Black and Yellow at playoff time back in the day.

I have a funny feeling your D will leave our boys a lttle bruised up. It's a good thing they have the bye for Game 4 to recover. Any team can beat any team on any given day. We'll see what happens

Here's to a good game , no injuries.

Go Bucs
Welcome Bucs fan!! You guys sure are a cordial bunch, aren't ya? You know, ever since the Tony Dungy days, I've kinda had a soft spot for Tampa. Congrats on being 2-0, it's gotta be exciting for you guys, huh? I'm amazed myself the Steelers are 2-0 cause I really am keeping my expectations low. Our O is anemic to put it mildly (ok, they suck right now), but thank God for our D. I don't know how the game will play out on Sunday, but here's to a good game with no injuries and win or lose, your fans have certainly earned my respect. Here's to Sunday and looking to chatting with ya some more and hopefully learn more about your team.
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