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Default Re: Greetings from Tampa Bay

Originally Posted by Incognito View Post

Our offense (passing) has been good... and our D is really on point. We have the better team right now. Your offense is in trouble right now with Big Ben out... .
well we are getting leftwich back and at this stage of their respective careers i would say josh and byron are about on equal ground.

i call it a wash.

but lets get down to business.... how do you figure the bucs are the better team?

our defense is a superbowl winning unit, with the best safety, the best corps of linebackers, and probably the best DL rotation in the league. aaron smith is probably the leagues most underrated player. theres not a free safety in the league i would trade for ryan clark, and i would gladly keep our cb's over talib and barber.

as for offense, i take mendenhall over any TB back, and our TE is the best all around and most complete TE in the game. i dont think the buc's #1 wr would make our top 3.

just for good measure, id say our kicker and punter are better as well.

so in summation, your starting qb is a little bit better than our back up and thats about it.

oh, and welcome.
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