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Default Re: Carson Palmer Has Hard Feelings Toward Steelers..

Originally Posted by Midnightwriter1
I am just happy Carson mentioned Cowher yelling " Who Dey" .. that was some funny shit and i was cracking up watching Cowher do that. It made me laugh again when i read it.
Plus all those white playoff towels the bengals gave out can dry off the dishes or help clean the tires off their cars. They should at least come up with something orignal

And the Bungles aren't the only "copycats." When the Steelers went to San Diego for the Monday night game, my wife and I were there. They (San Diego) was still upset that more Cowboys fans were at the season opener against Dallas (in SD) than Chargers fans and the local papers here were doing everything they could to boost Chargers fans participation (interpret as: ATTENDANCE LoL!). They had "Rally Towels" (white with a Bolt pattern and a BEER AD! ...and so thin you could see through it. How Lame...and cheap...and cheesy!) they were giving away as you entered the gates. We REFUSED the freebies, but went back and got them so we could wipe the our mouths and hands from the chili and pizza! LMAO!!!!!!!
And SD absolutely HAS TO GET RID of those throwback jerseys......they call it "POWER BLUE" instead of the Lame Powder Blue. U - G - L - Y ! ! !

Afterwards I actually ttold a Chargers fan "Thank You" as "Imitation is the best form of flattery."
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