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Default Re: American Cheese?...really?

Originally Posted by SteelKnight View Post
That sounds good but it probably would be better with mozzerella or swiss or even provalone right?

oh, hell no. thats like saying nachos would be better with provalone or swiss.

last week i made monster green chile bacon double cheeseburgers. last night i had turkey/swiss/avacado, and the previous night italian hoagie with provalone.

none of those cheeses are interchangable for the "perfect" sandwich. you wouldnt put munster cheese on fajitas, just like you dont put american on a mushroom onion swiss burger.

the best philly cheese steaks are with cheese wiz.

my pet peve is bbq sauce on anything with american cheese.

so yeah, i buy it and constantly have it on hand. i have a kid.

nothing makes a ruffles or lettuce and mustard sandwich better than american.
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