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Default Re: American Cheese?...really?

Originally Posted by cloppbeast View Post
I'm a big fan of American cheese, actually. Isn't it cheaper, too?
What do you like about it...the nothingness? lol I wouldn't be surprised if it is cheaper. lol It better not be MORE expensive than the tasty cheeses. lol

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
It's not my favorite by any means, but it's still good. Plus it is much cheaper and it's a picky kids favorite cheese. So yeah, I buy a lot of it.
LOL. I don't hate it but "good" is being too kind. You should say "adequate" Once that kid's taste buds finish developing, he/she will turn away from American.

Originally Posted by VASTEELER View Post
i really dont like american cheese except for a grilled cheese sandwich, but like someone else said i have a kid and he loves it. so yes i have bought plenty
I hear you. But even a grilled cheese sadwhich would be better with any other cheese...Mozzerella, Swiss, Provalone.
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