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Default Re: American Cheese?...really?

Originally Posted by SteelKnight View Post
No wonder. I tried the Kraft sharp cheddar slices and they were terrible. That explains it. lol

I'll admit I like Cheeze They must add some other flavor to it or someting.
Yeah, the only thing processed cheeses are really good for are for melting onto stuff and spraying out of a can.

I'm just not picky about it...and your probably right, if I didn't have a kid that only ate American and a fiance that only ate mild cheddar and american, I probably would only get it in velveeta form for mac and cheese.

If I had my druthers though, I'd probably eat brie, gruyere and swiss non-stop. I'm surprisingly not a big Mozz fan...even the pure stuff. Pizza is about the only thing I like it on.

String cheese is great too...though that's barely even a step up from American in terms of being processed. I just like tearing it apart.

I like cheese.

**Edit** No Tony...I don't like Fromunda cheese.

I'm hungry again too dammit. All this talk of cheese has me craving.
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