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Default Re: American Cheese?...really?

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post

helpful for what? your upcoming boycott on corn?

Corn- the most inconvenient vegetable ever.... does any one buy it?
Even though this was all funny, i was also serious. I wanted to see the reasons people are possessed to buy it.

It seems a lot of it stems from people's kids and undeveloped taste buds. Kids while developing will often only like peperoni or cheese pizza. A "Supreme" is often too complicated for them. Once they get older and their taste buds develop, they appreciate more complex foods. So maybe American cheese is like the baby food of cheeses. lol

From a couple of days ago:
In Philadelphia Monday, President Obama ordered cheesesteaks. It was a suspenseful moment. Back in 2004, John Kerry ordered a steak with Swiss cheese. That's not how many Philadelphians eat it, so critics called him out of touch. Obama ordered the cheesesteaks in the accepted local manner with Cheez Whiz.
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