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Default Re: American Cheese?...really?

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Truth be was supposed to be a few months ago. Nothing serious has held us back, but an all out wedding would just cost too much right now and his work schedule (home and away) is just way to hectic. We'll most likely just go to a justice of the peace and do a quickie. After living together for nearly 6 years, a huge wedding just doesn't seem as novel anymore lol.

I'll be sure to eat a piece or two of American cheese on that day though!
Nothing makes a Wedding day special like American Cheese. lol

Still congrats!!! I'm happy for you. It's still tying the knot with your soulmate.

This board has exhausted me today. I spent much more time on it than I intended to. I might take tomorrow off from the boards. I need a break. lol I only come on the board for fun and if it is no fun then what's the point?
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