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Default Re: We our lucky to be steeler fans.

Originally Posted by Fire Arians View Post

honestly i was hoping he didn't get banned, but i don't make the rules around here. im used to the attitude of the stillers board and it's more hostile there haha.
Every thread would just turn into a flamefest...especially in the regular season. Like I said, I'm all for smack, and will sometimes let mild personal attacks go to the wayside as long as they don't start to dominate a thread.

I'll admit I'm going to be more harsh on newbies from other teams don't get to just walk in here and start bashing people. If that's all you have to add to conversations, jerk off on your own board.

Funny thing is...if he had started a thread in the Blast Furnace called "Steelers fans are Morons" I probably would have left it. There's a lot I'm willing to let slide in the Blast Furnace though.

I appreciate your opinion on this seems to be a little bit of the consensus that I should just leave trolls here for a little while to get smacked around. Maybe I should have moved it to the BF so that could happen. I'm still getting a feeling for some of this mod stuff though! Next time maybe, next time.
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