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Default Please don't skip over this.

I don't create many threads, and the well wishes section is the last place I ever thought I would put one. But I'm getting desperate.

I am not usually one to ask for this sort of thing, but I just couldn't live with myself if I let another day pass without posting this. A great man is in great need.

Now I know it's so easy to ignore these sort of things. After all, if it isn't happening to me, why should I care? I understand that, I really do. But please, for a fellow Steelers fan, and even for the misguided souls here who cheer on other teams, I implore you to read this.

A great man has fallen on hard times. He needs our help.

This thread is a request for prayers, well wishes, good thoughts, vibes, chants or spells. Whatever your personal beliefs cause you to see fit to give. It is appreciated.

As we all know, Brett Favre is 0-2 this year. Let us pray.

brett favre.
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