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Default Re: We our lucky to be steeler fans.

Originally Posted by AMERICAN MUSCLE View Post
Fall back on? If you paid any attention... I was just pointing out how stupid he is. That is fact. There was no smack dealt this way at that point in the thread for me to have to defend myself. Correcting someones spelling is not my idea of smack. Are you following me yet? Pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?

Show me where I bailed out on smack and reverted to spelling and grammer.

I'll wait here.'s GRAMMAR. What are you stupid?

And calling someone out on spelling errors, then calling them stupid and a bandwaggoner certainly is smack talk...shitty smack talk. Spelling errors on a football MB does not mean it's a fact that they are stupid. It just means that it's a fact that they spelled a word wrong.

Pickin' up on what you're putting down? Ok e-thug LMAO.

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