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Default Re: browns gameplan used against the seahawks?

Originally Posted by Midnightwriter1
Do not try and tell me you "knew" it was coming....that is absurd. They had not run a gadget play for almost 3 full games....and they knew when to pull it out. The play was so beautifully exeucted on so many is amazing.

My friends and I must be smarter than hell ( doubt it ) then because we all knew a trick play was coming and had been speaking about it all game. If you didnt know one was going to be coming in this game then you must not be too smart. ( prolly )

Sure you did. And to answer the question you posed before...yes 3 full games. They did not run one against Denver...they did not run one against Indianapolis and had not run one in the Super Bowl. (A reverse is a common play and not a trick play). So you are telling me that despite them not running it for three games, you were so smart that you knoew the exact second they were going to run one? That is ridiculous.

The actual scenario I am sure consisted of you "predicting" a trick play every series since the Bengals game and being wrong 37 times, and now trying to claim some credit. In fact you state you had been speaking of it "all game" I am sure you did all of the prior two games as well.

You will have to excuse me if I am not real impressed with this brilliance. But good news for are going to geta lot of chances to see how smart I am...hope you have better stuff than this....
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