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Default Re: American Cheese?...really?

Originally Posted by SteelKnight View Post
There you go again hyping American cheese up with words like "like" and "good" when "accept" and "tolerable" are more appropriate. lol

Eat it by itself? You must have been hungry. I never said it was not edible but that any replacement is better so that means even if you enjoyed eating it by itself, you would have enjoyed eating mozzerella or swiss by itself better. lol

I eat it when I go out and they use it ...I'm not psycho but pay for it?...take it to the register? lol Nah...

If it is cost or a daughter i understand but nobody normal should PREFER

I have not tried their burger. I've tried their pizza. Thanks for the tip. No matter how good it tastes, I'm sure it is nothing a Provalone couldn't do better. lol

Exactly my friend. I am still wondering whether it is a real cheese that they slice. Has anyone ever seen it in a block or do they only sell singles. lol Can someone buy a "block of American"?

I haven't ever seen a block of American cheese only slices in block form O_O
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