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Default Re: Ravens to test Pouncey

Originally Posted by pete74 View Post
i belive i read Cody is healed up and will be playing against us this sunday.

Pouncy is so freaking strong and has such great technique that he can handle any NT or DT in the NFL. 4 years from now he will have been in the pro bowl a few times and will be known as the best center in football. we should try to sign him to a 6 year extension right now because the price will go up every year
i just looked up the info. actually he has the same injury dixon has.

The Ravens are still waiting for Terrence Cody to be healthy enough to activate on Sundays, as the rookie is working back from a knee surgery performed a month ago.
Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh said that Cody could have played last weekend against the Cleveland Browns, but the numbers in selecting the correct 45 active men just didn’t point in Cody’s favor.
“I think his knee is not 100 percent. He’s done a good job. He certainly could’ve played,” Harbaugh said after the Ravens’ 24-17 victory. “It’s also, ‘Who do you put down?’ We had some good players up, and you only get 45, so that balance right there made the decision for us. And we’ll just have to see next week where we’re at. He’s ready to play though.”
Judging by the way Browns reserve tailback Peyton Hillis racked up 144 rushing yards on Sunday, the 350-pound defensive tackle’s return is highly anticipated.
“Terrence is getting healthier, and he practiced well last week and we’ll see how it goes,” said Harbaugh. “But, we want to get him up if we can.”
Cody could be especially needed with the hard-running Pittsburgh Steelers up next and Cory Redding dealing with a concussion from the Browns game.
The second-round draft pick said he expects to make his NFL debut at Heinz Field with two weeks of full practices under his belt.
“I’m practicing and playing this week definitely,” said Cody, who underwent the procedure in his left knee to repair a torn meniscus. “That’s what I was told.”
Against Cleveland, the Ravens had the services of starters Haloti Ngata and Kelly Gregg, and key backups Trevor Pryce and Brandon McKinney. Lamar Divens and Paul Kruger were the other defensive linemen deemed inactive.
“You’ve got a group of defensive linemen that are playing well,” said Harbaugh. “But then again, we might decide to put an extra [defensive] lineman up, too.
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