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Default Re: Ravens Week!

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
Yay!!! A Ratbird troll!

Thanks for getting all the same tired cliches in for your smack talk lol.

Let's see...

-'you guys having 6 SB titles is irrelevant' (no it's not, but thanks for playing)
-'the Steelers were gift wrapped a SB win' (no they weren't, the score at the end of the game won it for them)
-'your fans are all bandwagonners' (every team that has tons of success is going to draw some bandwaggoners, but not enough to fill a stadium for 38 years straight...that comes from having die-hard fans who stick with the team through thick and thin...try again)
-'We used to be the Baltimore Colts dammit! Doesn't that count for something!' (No, no you didn't used to be the Baltimore used to be the Cleveland with it sucka)
-'You guys are all d-bags' (you guys are are all gay purple loving fairies )

Thanks for playing the cliche game! Stop by anytime for another round!

Wow. Actually you may want to ask if someone is a Rat Birds fan. Just because I live in Baltimore doesnt mean I am a Ravens fan. But good try! Im from Central Pa and just as big if not a bigger Steeler's fan than you.

Just because my priorities have changed and I dont have the time to past anymore doesnt make me any less of a poster than you.

And as for your "tired cliches" bring it. You've been a member here since what Aug? Ive been here a hell of a lot longer so I've heard the cliches you speak of.

Again, you may not want to judge a book by its cover and as for the DBag comment. Look in the mirror sweet heart.

And if you want proof...go look at my history. Ass wipe.
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