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Default Re: Almost got into it w/ a ratbird fan today..

Originally Posted by BigBen2Ward
I live in Dayton, and I must admit, I have never met a Ravens fan.......unless, you count the confused Browns fans after Modell left, and before the Brownies returned. If I ever do meet a die-hard Ravens fan......I am beeting his eyes shut, and taking his money.
There was one at Damon's (maybe you weren't there that game...but he was actually kind of nice to me (but that might have been because I was a girl)!!! I have only met 2 more where I used to work and they were just in town for a visit...I was kidding around and said we don't serve Ravens fans here, then immediately laughed and said I was just kidding...well they didn't find it that funny...and proceded to explain to me why the Ratbirds were going to kick the crap out of us that weekend. They told me they would come back win or lose...but when we beat them...I obviously never saw them-typical (They can dish it out, but can't take it)
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