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Default Re: BAL @ PIT Game Thread, Oct.3 2010

Originally Posted by dcsteel5804 View Post
A positive note is that we played our worst game of the season, with penalties, special teams sucked, secondary sucked, offensive line sucked, and we almost beat the next best team in the division. We very well could have won that game if Jeff Reed had any balls. To top it off, we have our 4th string QB in there. So look on the bright side, Ben comes back in 2 weeks and we should have some sort of offense at that point.

" ...To top it off, we have our 4th string QB in there..."

Maybe you shoulkd say THANKYOU, to Charlie instead, just for hangin' in there for the trooper he is ? almosdt 4-0 is not bad.
Ben!???, Ben will now have to PROVE HIMSELF !!!, Or ELSE!!!

Once agin, it was NOT our "D" or QB, it was in fact our "O"-line that(in a cruncher-pressure-cooker) let us DOWN once again !
-end of ALL strories', and it ain't nuthnin' new. ! -so there we go.

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