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<<Don't be hatin on the fact that we have the best fans in the world that at one time when our city shut down during the end of the Steel Mill era, that we picked up, moved our family and resided somewhere else and started a revolution around the world. Anywhere you go, ALL OVER, you see nothing but Steelers fans, and Steelers bars. Not one time to where I was over the map did I see one Baltimore Ratbird bar. You know why? BECAUSE YOU GUYS AREN'T SHIT nor will you ever be and fans like you will do nothing but hate us for the sheer FACT we will out class, and out perform you in every way shape or form as a fanbase, and that's a fact, purple queer. ADMIT IT: YOU LOVE US.>>

Oh Stainless Still that post is soooooooooo true!! I could not agree more!!
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