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Default Back from the 'Burgh

unfortunately my trip wasnt neccessarilly for vacation and due to unforseen circumstances i missed on 4 events that wouldve not only made my year, but probably made my decade.

penquins vs blackhawks preseason game- this was the final preseason game at their new arena.

evening with ian anderson- one of my favorite musicians. i missed the 25th anniversary tour of jethro tull years ago and still regret it to this day.

art of the vatican- some never before seen art of the vatican that has never appeared stateside (including michealangelo- my favorite) debuted at the heinz history center on saturday. the tour of this show will only visit 3 american cities.

ravens vs steelers- woulda bee my 1st regular season game.

it wasnt all for a loss though. i made the final home game of the pirates and they actually won. finally got to see the new dinosaur halls at the carnegie. got to experience the strip on a saturday before a game. very cool!

oh, and some may see this is sacrilige, but i passed on primanti bros (i did stop in for a beer and atmosphere) for a fish sandwich at wholeys. its actually much better and more bang for your buck than primantis and just around the corner.

instead of adding fries and slaw on the sandwhich they add an extra half pound of the most delicious fried cod (slaw and fries are on the side).
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