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Default Re: Ed B chat 10 / 5

Originally Posted by wootawnee View Post
dimondandkooman: we're you ok with them running 3 times after the goal line stop?
Ed Bouchette: Yes, I was. I thought calling a pass there might have ended in a Baltimore touchdown.

This is the piss poor attitude I can't stand......Affraid to win..........Ed Bouchette can take his skirt and hit the highway for all I care...........Steeler Nation(in Pittsburgh anyway) has to loosen up there sphincter at the end of games like this last one............I mean jeez, why be "AFRAID" of losing..........Ya look around the stadium and you see paranoid faces everywhere............Come on people get a positive attitude and give off some positive vibes instead of the paranoid ohmygod afraid vibes.........Thats how you win and lose.......That's how you support your team......And thats how you get that first down to seal the victories.......
I don't know about you, I wasn't at the stadium...but watching the game I just had that oh ****.... feeling about how things were gonna pan out after we made that 4th down stop. Everyone was clapping and cheering but I knew it wasn't over, not by a long shot. When they showed gay and taylor and other celebrating steelers on the sideline it cemented what I already knew would happen. So when they went 3 and out (regardless of penalties they would of gone 3 and out) and we punted (again regardless of the holding penalty) the defense wasn't ready to put the game away and sure enough they scored easily, WITH time to spare (penalties didn't matter). It's the attitude of the players that had me paranoid. They started to get too high on themselves and lost their edge. It's why McFadden bit so hard, and it's why we had no pass rush. Lebeau lost control of his players and called a chickenshit predictable defense which Balt has seen oh at least 100 times on film and in person. I'm sure flacco wasn't even phased when he threw incomplete b/c he knew he'd get another shot with more of the field to work with against a predictable softy D. The D lost this game, not arians play calling. To throw the ball in that situation with a QB who was having a shitty game is not playing to win, I'm sorry. You ride your top ranked defense. It was the right call.

BTW I hate bouchette's attitude as well. Smug douche
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