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Default Re: Any player in the draft....

Originally Posted by Koopa
lendale white, he's made for this system, bush and willie would not go good together at all, bush is 98347190238571092384712938740129740928374981279847 12309845208374980123749812739847231749123749081237 984721389 times better then willie but that still won't be good. and white don't need no one to help him out to get over 1000 yard season, white will move the ball just about every time he touches unlike willie where it's hit back 5 times in a row then breaks a long one to make it look like he's being productive all the time
What on earth are you talking about? Yes darn, you have to hate breaking long know to "look" productive....remember how everyone bad mouthed Barry Sanders for doing that...oh wait...they didn't because yards are yards. Is Parker a 25 carry a game back?? Likely not, but to discount his priductivity is completely riduclous.

As for Lendale White...absolutely the most overhyped player in the draft. Every board i see they treat this guy like some sort of 2500 yard a year back. Will be a good pro? Probably. But the hype on him by fans is puzzling.
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