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Originally Posted by ricardisimo View Post
I don't know what to tell you, guy... that "predictably softy D" was leading the league in several categories before the game (and still is, actually). And pretty much the same D - minus Polamalu and Smith - more or less spanked Flacco and Co. in week 16 of last year. The exception, oddly enough, was Ray Rice getting a zillion yards on the ground.

Now, I didn't like them blitzing Troy on an obvious passing down, and obviously into the endzone, but I don't think one bad play called make our D "predictably softy". Get real.

I'll never understand people's animosity to Bouchette. He's a smart guy who knows his Steelers. He pretty much predicted their collapse last season, and everyone called him a douche for that as well, but he called it like he saw it. What do you want him to do? Cheerlead? I like that he's neither a Debbie Downer nor a lickspittle, like everyone else in the Pittsburgh media with the sole exception of Scott Brown.
More or less? Seriously? Was definately LESS. What game did you watch last season? The game I saw had the Ravens lose like 2 int's (one a pick six) to flags, an easy TD catch dropped by mason, some 10+ penalties by the ravens and they STILL lost by only 3 points. Sound familiar? We are just on the flip side this season W/O our starting QB. Last season they ran all over us, and heap and mason were killing us on the corners. This year we stopped the run and they used heap to block and used smart play calling to beat us. Last year we were ranked what? Like #5 in defense...and still lost how many games in the final minutes? Stats don't mean squat, it's all about the W's and L's.

Again it wasn't the play call that was bad, it was the focus from the PLAYERs that was bad. BMAC bit on an out route with time running down WITH the lead. That should never happen. Playing the majority of the game 10-15 yards off the WR is playing soft. Overloading blitzing on obvious pass downs is predictable. They executed better than the 3 other teams we have faced this year, maybe because they have seen us twice a season instead of twice a century like tampa and atlanta. They called the right protection scheme, we didn't get after the QB, and when that happens our CB's are exposed.

The ravens have literally been built from scratch to beat us. You better believe they study every bit of film they can and draft guys and build an offense to negate our D. They beat us, they win the AFC North and are sure to make the playoffs. Cinci was a fluke last year, the browns will always be the browns. There is only us, and all I'm saying is that it's no big surprise to see them beat us even with the penalties we had in the final minutes, or ones not called against them. No sense in crying over spilled milk. Look at the bright side, humble the defense a bit, start fresh in 2 weeks with your QB back. Circle the game against Balt on the calendar and dish out some payback

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