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Default Re: Steelers players vote to decertify

Originally Posted by steelax04 View Post
I think what it's about is that if the players union would try and sue the owners on anti-trust grounds, it would be like the pot calling the kettle black... if they decertify, it gives the players the ability to sue the owners on their own.

SteelersinCA would probably be able to explain it better... and I could be way off base.
I'm not real sure what decertification would do for the players. I know they are hoping it prevents them from being locked out in the event a new CBA isn't in place, but their recourse for being locked out is to sue individually which would take years. I think we all know this thing won't take years or the NFL is dead. I'm not really sure what they hope to gain. Going through the court system isn't the smartest idea since it's so slow.

Let's just hope they get it worked out. It is NEVER good when you need to talk to a lawyer.
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