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Default Re: Any player in the draft....

Originally Posted by BCEDGE
What on earth are you talking about? Yes darn, you have to hate breaking long know to "look" productive....remember how everyone bad mouthed Barry Sanders for doing that...oh wait...they didn't because yards are yards. Is Parker a 25 carry a game back?? Likely not, but to discount his priductivity is completely riduclous.

As for Lendale White...absolutely the most overhyped player in the draft. Every board i see they treat this guy like some sort of 2500 yard a year back. Will be a good pro? Probably. But the hype on him by fans is puzzling.

he still doesn't need someone to help him carry the ball like willie, i like willie don't get your panies all tied up in a bunch cause i ain't bias about every player that puts on black and gold. but i'd rather have someone that can carry the load on the regular and get postive yards on the reg, then worry about willie dancing in the back and then falling.
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