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Default Re: Seven questions about Ben Roethlisberger

Originally Posted by phillysteel View Post
It's amazing how many in the media now refer to BB as a top 5 QB.... seems that he could never get that kind of respect before all this happened.... what's up with that?!?!
Pretty sure you're personifying the typical fan attitude of your player not getting enough respect

He might not be unanimously thought of as such but I recall seeing most media pundits talk about him with top 5 regard before any of this nonsense, especially after his 4000+ yard season where he had a game where he threw for over 500 yards

Of course there's also a significant difference between a respectable analyst and a talking head. The talking heads won't truly see enough of Ben to realize he's one of the most clutch QBs with his 4th quarter performances and will be blinded by gaudy passing stats from other QBs because they're not really doing their homework, they're just glancing at the most immediate stats.
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