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Default Re: Who gets the credit for 3-1?

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
your own stat here SHOULD give you insight as to how arians uses the TE in his offense. if miller is averaging 5 yards per reception before YAC, logic dictates that he's mostly running 1-10 yard routes. you wanna blame miller for not being the TE of your dreams , when you should be blaming arians offensive scheme.
I know it is easy to blame Arians. If he can get open and wants the ball, he should talk to Arians. If he can come through, he would make Arians look like a genius.

I am impressed with his 78% catching percentage even though the average is only 4.9 yards. What they need to do is extend his routes to see if he can still get open and if he can keep up the 78%. I don't know if he can. If he can, he is awesome. Same in the Red Zone. If he can somehow catch 78% of the passes thrown to him in the right? (if he can get open). So 78 is a nice start. Let's see if he can keep it up.

I'm really hoping he steps up and becomes a beast this year. SCMom pointed out that since last year was his best year, he could be heading in that direction. I sure hope so. If he does beast out, I will be the first to give him credit. If he is the same, I won't be that impressed. It is not the total yards or number of catches. It is coming through at big times (mostly 3rd down and Red Zone) that would be impressive.

I have heard players say they are so used to Heath never dropping a ball that when he drops one in practice they all are surprised. OK...make use if that if they can.

I can't wait. I do like him though...I've been forced to take this side to pull to the middle since you guys are saying he is the bees knees. There are just others I would rather have if that's all he is going to give us...

I want you guys to know I had the same argument with Steeler fans when Mark Bruner was here and they argued that he is awesome because of his blocking...blah...I wanted a TE like Eric Green. lol Heath is a fair compromise I guess. I just want more.
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