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Default Re: Steelers' Eason contributing again after medical scare

Originally Posted by Riddle_Of_Steel View Post
Awesome article. Actually choked me up a bit as I was reading it-- I can sympathize with some of it. I almost lost both of my parents this last year. Mom had a heart attack in August of last year, pops had one on Christmas day. I got to spend a month and a half spoon-feeding my mother and nursing her back to health, and she has lots of other health issues (rheumatoid arthritis, a stroke a few years back, recent bout with pneumonia) that demand a lot of my attention each weekend. Wife in and out of jobs and had her own health issues, leaving me as primary bread-winner. Family pet died (and I ended up shelling out about $2k from my pocket to try and keep the little bugger going).

Under all the strain I seem to have developed hypertension and some depression/panic attack problems (which I refuse to take medication for) during the last year, and I have never had a history of either.

I just keep chugging on though-- wife and I want to buy our first house and am working towards a big promotion at work and those keep me going. All of us get dealt some really bad cards in life at times, but how we respond is what is most you fold or keep fighting?
Man dude i know what your goin thru. Family health issues, losing a family pet. I know it cost us a bundle to keep our pet going as well. With all of that then losing my job, and now having to take a lower paying job. I to am dealing with the depression and panic attacks, its hard to shake it off and most people think thats easy to do and its not. Losing a good paying job after 16 years isnt that easy to get over, trust me!. Seems like the whole world is crashing all at once. The worst part is most times theres no one to talk to about it. They tell you it will pass in time. Not sure of that.

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