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Default Re: Let the TO Meltdown Begin

he's taking subtle shots at the coaches or palmer, or both.

Terrell Owens: They Listen, But They're Not Hearing Me

After a slow start three games into the young season, Terrell Owens recorded 14 receptions for 152 yards combined. Since then Owens has absolutely exploded, combining for 17 receptions for 324 yards receiving during the last two games, nearly doubling his yard/reception average. Though at the end of the day the explosion didn't mean much with both performances ending with losses to the Browns and Buccaneers, you can't fault Owens for coming alive whereas the rest of the offense continues to limp along.
Over the weekend, Owens sat down with Michael Irvin for an in-depth interview, talking mostly about Owens' career as the league's biggest perceived antagonist through the first half of the one-on-one.
During the back-half of the interview, Irvin presses Owens to talk about the struggles the Bengals are having, starting the season at 2-2 (interview was before the loss to the Buccaneers), fresh off the loss against Cleveland.
While he doesn't necessarily throw anyone under the bus, Owens is clearly growing frustrated because the coaching staff is not listening to the input he's giving. Here's a brief transcript on questions specific to the Bengals.
Who do you seeing not doing what they need to get done to win a Super Bowl here?
"I believe in those guys in that lockerroom. When we get it together, trust me, it's going to be hell. We're making mental mistakes. That's killing us. We got our butts kicked the first game. But to lose against Cleveland, come on."
Can you give me a hint on what's going on?
"I've been in the presence of a lot of great football minds. You think about obviously Steve Young, Jerry Rice... and when I was a rookie, my second year and third year, I didn't say a lot. But I sat back, I stood back there, and I watched and I listened. The progression that quarterbacks are supposed to go through. Understood if I'm supposed to run a post to get somebody else open. Trust me, I understand.
"Some people here think that I really don't think I know what I'm doing. But I have to do it their way."
What people here don't think you know what you're doing?
"Just some people. I understand that this is a totally different system, but at the end of the day, it's still football. So I try to address some issues, or input some things I've been taught that's made me successful."
How well is it being received when you offer this information?
"It's one of those things that they listen, but they're not hearing me. Mike, I just want to win. I want to give that input to help us win."
You can watch the entire interview here.
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