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Default Re: New Official Pens Tidbits Thread

I didn't think about it much yesterday, but someone wrote an article on it this morning about whether or not the Devils should be in violation of the CBA because they only had 15 skaters on the ice yesterday. (*Note* Lou is a moron for putting his team in this much jeopardy for one player...that's why you always consider injuries and the cap when signing players to long-term, high cap hitting he's left with a 20 player roster and no way to account for short term injuries).

Here's the article though.

A few games of leniency from the NHL is understandable, because injuries happen; but if the Devils are allowed to compete with 16 or 15 skaters on multiple occasions this season in an effort to avoid making more difficult decisions with regard to the cap, then they should suffer consequences, either financially through fines or in the loss of (even more) draft picks.

Because it's no different than demanding a team have a payroll that reaches a salary "floor" in order to ice a competitive product.

Because the Devils will never reduce their ticket prices even if the fans are paying to see 3/4 of the lines they should be seeing.

Because it's not the salary cap's fault Lou Lamoriello doesn't know how to correctly manage it.
From Damien Cox of The Spin:

But this year's New Jersey Devils, down to 15 skaters just three games into the season? That's just blatant mismanagement. The fact it is Lou Lamoriello behind it all, a member of the Hall of Fame and one of the best managers of the past quarter-century, has even his admirers - and there are legions of them - scratching their heads.

Good thing it's not the early 1980s again. Someone might suggest this is a Mickey Mouse way to operate.
Some are wondering if there should be a punishment from the league for dressing fewer than 20 skaters. Well, dressing fewer than 20 skaters is the punishment for botching the cap, and anyway you cut it, that's what has happened in Newark with the Devils.
Glad someone is publicly calling Lou out for basically being an imbecile this off season. This is going to haunt them all year (and maybe into next year).
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