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Default Re: Getting to know your fellow Steeler Fever members

Now feel free to copy and past this and fill this out for yourself!

Personal Information:
Name (first name only): T
Date of Birth (month & day): I am old enough
Eye Color: orange and black
Hair Color: orange and black
Left/Right Handed: Right
Sex: F
Location: Ohio
Marital Status: M
Nationality: American Oh, you mean my ethinc background, Why do you want to know, racists!!!
Occupation: Professional steeler hater

Football Related:
Favorite NFL team: Bengals
Most Hated NFL team: Steelers
Your most memorable moment as you were rooting for your team: Sweeping y'all last year.
Your most painful moment as you were rooting for your team: Watching Joe Montana

General Information: I hate the steelers
Favorite TV show:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite Song:
Favorite Band/Artist:
Favorite Actor/ Actress:
Favorite drink:
Favorite food:
Turn offs: steeler fans
Turn ons:
Hobbies: Hating the steelers

Questions Relating to SteelersFevercom: None
What do you like about Gives me a place to come and hate.
If you could, what would you improve on
Who (other than yourself) is your favorite poster:
What is your favorite forum:
What member would you like to hang out with most outside of
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