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Default Re: Ike Taylor, Training Regimen, No Offers from other Teams

The secondary is still our biggst weakness on our defense, in part because so young. I was all over our secandary this year because we didnt play bumb and run, and we constantly allowed teams to throw in front of them ( hence Taylors 95 tackles ). Some of my buddies say it is because we didnt have much of a pash rush until later in the season when we started using Troy more at the line. But for whatever reason, time and time again throughout the year, teams could throw on us on third and long and complete it. We had one of the worst ( if not the worst ) percentages in the league in that catagory ( allowing teams to get first downs by pass .. was close to 50 percent, maybe in 40's i cant remember exact ).

Sio either ****ie L needs to do something a lil different to clean that up or else we will go through same thing next year and remember guys, we barley sneaked into the playoffs because other teams lost K.C and S.D.

I am not syaing we will do this, but dont be suprised if we take a guy like Hester ( Miami) late in 3rd or first pick in 4th. He can cover and is fst.. but he is light and isnt much of a hitter but we need to definately improve on that stat i mentioned.
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