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Default Re: You can stop sucking any time now Marc Andre!

No more excuses left for Fleury


It is absolutely hilarious listening to Rob Rossi break down every goal allowed and try to blame the defense as if no other goalie in the league has the same defensive breakdowns in front of him. Furthermore, he canít seem to comprehend that Fleuryís weak save percentage involves a season long sample size.

Rob Rossi is the same guy last January that said Fleury would play great once March arrived. When Fleury didnít play well in March, Rossi said Fleury will play great in the playoffs. When Fleuryís struggles continued in the playoffs, Rossi told us not to worry because he plays his best in the biggest games. At which point Fleury gave up about 7 goals in 2 periods of play against Ottawa (game 6) and Montreal (game 7). Throughout this entire run, the most bizarre comment made by Rossi was that Fleury is a CLUTCH goalie as he related it to his game 6 performance against Ottawa.

Clutch? Excuse me?

The only thing that makes Fleury clutch is that his offense over the past few years has given him many more opportunities to be clutch! If Vokoun would give up 3 goals in the 1st period to Ottawa, he would be COOKED! His team isnít coming back from that. The Penguins on the other hand have shown to be capable of storming back to the lead after being down in games, thus giving Fleury yet another chance at being CLUTCH.
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