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Default Re: Best And Worst NFL Draft Teams

Originally Posted by BlackNGold88 View Post
This won't make the experts happy who slob all over the Patriot draft picks. Facts are facts. They have drafted poorly for a while now.
Didn't they draft a pro bowl linebacker not long ago?

But the reason their draft % is so down is because they aquire more draft picks every year than any other team. Generally during any draft, only 4-5 of the players will stay on the team long term. Patriots on average have around 10-14 draft picks every year, so of course only a few will stay, but I think Bellichick thinks that if he drafts a lot of player she thinks are well, he'll have a better chance of getting more good player sout of it and less busts... Its worked out okay, right now their roster is full of low experienced players they have gathered from the drafts as of late, and they have some how aquired 8 picks in the the first 4 rounds of the next draft.

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