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Default Re: Gay parents more likely to have kids.

Originally Posted by SCMom View Post
I get what you mean, but think the study is a little skewed still.

I do understand his point that lesbian mothers might encourage their female children to "try out girls", but what about their boy children? Does the same apply there? I would imagine that a straight male child of two lesbian mothers would be a less aggressive child and more "in tune" to womens feelings...if that makes any sense.

Also, did he compare his research of gay parents to straight parents and how many gay children come from straight couples? I'm willing to bet the number would be less...but you have to factor in that gay children of straight couples are more likely to repress their tendencies. They do not "come out" as easily.

This study has a lot of holes in it IMO. But was an interesting read nonetheless.
Put it this way, I think I'd be inclined to check what sort of relationship a lesbian couple had with their father and brothers before allowing them to adopt a girl. If they were trying to adopt a boy that in and of itself would probably indicate they have a healthy attitude towards men, therefore as long as they passed the normal adoption proccess I'd give it the green light.

With gay men it looks to me as if they should be afforded normal consideration based on other relevant factors. .
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