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Default Re: Gay parents more likely to have kids.

Originally Posted by zulater View Post
Put it this way, I think I'd be inclined to check what sort of relationship a lesbian couple had with their father and brothers before allowing them to adopt a girl. If they were trying to adopt a boy that in and of itself would probably indicate they have a healthy attitude towards men, therefore as long as they passed the normal adoption proccess I'd give it the green light.

With gay men it looks to me as if they should be afforded normal consideration based on other relevant factors. .

I can agree on this...but to go further, I think anyone adopting a child should be heavily screened (and they usually are). Also, remember that lesbians don't necessarily need to adopt. They can have babies through sperm donors. I don't know if that's the route most take, but I would think, from a legal standpoint anyway, that it would be easier. Some also have kids "the old fashioned way", sometimes even with a gay man. I don't think that's as common though.

It's controversial now, but there are scientists that are working on creating mammal babies from two eggs (has actually been done with mice in Japan...the mouse Kaguya has two genetic mothers).
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