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Default Re: Gay parents more likely to have gay kids.

Originally Posted by zulater View Post

I know the PC's will hate this, but shouldn't this be obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense? I guess if I were to take anything from this study it would be that I'd probably be very carefull about allowing lesbians to adopt. If the study is correct their influence is much more exteme in promoting homosexuality than it is with gay men.

Damn it, I effed up, can one of the mods edit the title to state "gay" kids?!
Are you kidding me? What part of the Constitution would allow you to "be more carefull (sic) about allowing lesbians to adopt?" Aren't you the guy criticizing Islam repeatedly? Somehow you think your morals are A-OK to be thrust upon the rest of humanity?

"I'm trying to prove that it's not 100 percent genetic," Schumm tells AOL News.
Gee, I wonder whose position that helps? Bias much?

If gay parents could convince a child to be gay, why can't straight parents convince their gay children to be straight? Oh I forgot, we can only use commons sense that fits our little hypothetical.
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