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Default Re: 76 Steelers vs 07 Patriots

Back in the 70's there really wasn't any players as quick as Welker, which is the only person Brady would have to throw to, especially since Blount would take Moss out of the game. Welker would get beat up by Ham and Lambert all day, he probably would start dropping passes because he would be afraid to get hit.

The front 4 would keep the Patriots from getting any running game going, so they would have to be predictable and pass every down and the 76 defense would win the battle.

But the Steelers offense would struggle. The Patriots would make sure to stop the running game, and back then defenses weren't that confusing, they were pretty straight up, but the Patriots zone blitz would terrorize Bradshaw. It would be a low scoring game, no way Brady would have a field day. And the Steelers would outlast then Patriots and probably get a defensive touchdown late in the game to finish it off. (or the patriots get a defensive touchdown)
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