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Default Re: 76 Steelers vs 07 Patriots

Originally Posted by LVSteelersfan View Post
Silly argument to get into. There is no way to figure out how this would turn out. Whose rules are they playing by? 76 rules or 07 rules? With 76 rules the Steelers might have a chance. With the pussified 07 rules, the Pats would win in a romp.
76 rules would make it harder to pass block and run block.
Modern rules still allows defensive backs to totally destroy recievers at the line. Blount would just shove down Moss, you are allowed to do that but cornerbacks in todays game are not strong at all. But 07 patriots did use a spread set, there would be too much speed on the offense for the Steelers to deal with. They'd be getting beat by 4th and 5th string recievers.

If you argued that if you slowed the patriots down to match the speed of the fastests players in the NFL back then, maybe you could make a better arguement that the Steelers would win. And if 07 patriots had to wear the huge pads players had to wear back then, they wouldn't fair well just because players today are not used to pads being that big.
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