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Default Re: 76 Steelers vs 07 Patriots

Originally Posted by sharkweek View Post
Modern players are faster, bigger, stronger, the coaching is smarter, and the rules are harder. An average or even poor team in today's NFL would likely obliterate the absolute greatest of teams from that far back.
You see the thing is maybe if you put everything in a vacuum like that it would be. but my opinion is that the best of any generation would probably be the best of any other generation if you could transplant them into a different era. For example if Joe Greene had been born in 1980 intead of 1948 he would have had the advantages that todays athletes enjoy. He would have benifit of the same weight training, diet's and supplements, and even surgical procedures. So instead of being 270 pounds he'd probably be 300 or so.
"A man's got to know his limitations."
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