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Default Re: Going to Miami for steelers vs dolphins

Originally Posted by steelerfan262 View Post
I was wondering if anyone else here will be at the Steelers vs dolphins game.
I've never been there , and would just like to talk to ppl that are familiar w/ this stadium,, etc.
Also, can anyone please message me that will be able to record this game. It will not be televised at home for me. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated !!!
Please respond soon not sure If I will have internet later this week.
I'm going also, but I can't really help with either of your requests. First time to Sunlife stadium for me. I'm flying down Saturday and staying in Hollywood Beach. I have a buddy in W. Palm Beach who's going with us and says there should be a large Steeler fan turnout as usual. Probably 10-20k fans.
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