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Default Re: Gay parents more likely to have gay kids.

Originally Posted by MasterOfPuppets View Post
i never said it was predominantly learned behaviour. i'm suggesting it could be . which is the premise of the article. not all pedo's were molested as children either. so are they somehow geneticly programmed to seek out children for sex ?
i think this is the main issue here. those that "oppose" homosexuality, per se, still have a hard time understanding how much is learned and how much is genetic. i honestly don't know. as MOP mentions with pedophiles, can be said for other things: serial killers, wife beaters(am not comparing these things to being gay, just using them as examples of possible genetics), effeminate but not gay much is learned and how much is genetics.

if it is inherently inborn, can that be said of other things? can people be genetically programmed to cheat on their signifcant others? can people be genetically programmed to be poor/great parents? can people be genetically programmed to be Steeler fans(hope so)?

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