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Default Re: Gay parents more likely to have gay kids.

Originally Posted by SteelersinCA View Post
I'm not sure throwing any word in will give us structure to our discussion. We need to define what our goals are. i.e. kids that do better in school, kids that have more friends, etc. What's optimal to you may not be to me or the next person. For instance, I like the beach, some people may like the mountains.
damn. give me a minute on that. the problem/joy of this type of discussion leads us to other discussions. hmmmm....i guess this may be best done with a version of the "ben franklin" close/argument. make a liste of the pros/cons. i, honestly, cannot think of a better way to do it. i am open to suggestions. but, if this is to be done, we have to be completely honest about what the pros/cons may be.
i would start, but you have to give me some time on this thought process. anyone else can jump in at any point.
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