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Default Re: Gay parents more likely to have gay kids.


Better emotional understanding.
Possible less physical aggression.
Better emotional protection.
Possibly more stable home environment(depending on definition of stable)
Less difference differentiation among groups(possible)
peformance in school(but i'm not sure what that is based on) so i give a possible to that


Possible feeling of not being “normal”
Being picked on/bullied
Confusion on gender roles. Issues would be, boy talking to gay dad…how do I pick up chicks, or what do chicks like. Reverse for kids of lesbians.
Discipline issues….studies have shown that a boy/girl looks to dad to be the disciplinarian.
Possibly not being introduced to in any way about religion(yeah, I know, but spirituality is a normal human element). Most gays I know/known, are usually atheist, agnostic, or hedonistic/humanistic.
How to handle bullies/aggression….females, or feminine males(not saying all gay males are, but I would say a predominant amount are), deal with confrontation of that type, differently(possible, but i think highly likely).

its a start.
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