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Default Re: Steelers WR group shaping up nicely...

Lot's of hype surrounding Cobb. But beyond some camp time, not much to back it up just yet. One preseason game. Not a lock for the roster. Could land on the practice squad. Sure, my Steeler homeristic-self says "But he'll be snatched up in a second!" But then I think about how outside of the Steeler media, there really isn't much noise about Cobb. At this time of year, almost every team has a "can't-miss" newcomer who is sure to turn heads in camp. Most don't pan out though.

Of course, it all depends on how many WR's we take into the season. Is it 5 or 6? Not a huge difference at first glance but certainly it's a big deal as to who makes the team.

I think the 3 guys who really fight for the final 1 or 2 spots (I believe Ward, ARE, Wilson, and Gibson take the #1-#4 WR spots) are Mays, Cobb, and Morey. Morey is of course a ST-only guy. I read the other day that he caught a 40 yard pass over Colclough but that was a bad day by Colclough rather than a sign of things to come from Morey.

Some feel Mays has improved over the past few years. He had some nice catches at the end of last year and has nice height but I don't think he's very reliable at catching. Certainly doesn't use his speed to his least from what I've seen.

I like Cobb. Sure, it's all from what I've read but he was opposite Larry Fitzgerald on the First Team All-Big East Team in '03. A shining star on a lackluster Owls team if you will. Cobb fits the mold of a ARE or Wilson as far as size goes but with Miller and Gibson, we certainly have receivers with good height.

I think guys like Walter Young and Nate Washington have a tough time making the team. Maybe they end up on the practice squad, maybe not. But I don't think they factor in this year. But I've been wrong time...a long time ago...and I kept it a secret until now.
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