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Default Nick Fairley & The BCS

The LSU defense blows chunks. Not in the same way that USC is brutally lacking. SC is getting whacked by lack of depth. LSU is soft and fat but CB Patrick Peterson is one fast MoFo.

That being said Auburn landing in the top spot in the BCS is the first time in a long time that consent is 'highly' worthy. The overreaching myth of the SEC is a premium that is a derivative The Irish have mined forever. (How's that tasting NBC?)

Needling the SEC wasn't too hard last decade with Pete Carroll holding a joystick to the scoreboard. (Don't confuse fraud and cheating)

But when the game got dicey for Auburn Nick Fairley was Halloween Scary. Dude took the game by the neck and strangled it like it was Raggedy Ann. Dominate.

I doubt we'll see Auburn vs. Oregon but I'd like to. USC offense is as solid as any but stopping that Duck offense ain't happening without an act of Congress. And since USC is truly draining the swamp don't look for the 111th to get involved. They are all hopefully following Mike Garrett out the friggin' door.

And to the Buckeyes and Sooners....
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