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Default Re: Human right's abuses done in the name of God

Couple elopes, villagers vow to blind them

In a Taliban-like judgement a village panchayat in Greater Noida has ordered a couple's eyes to be gouged out as a punishment for eloping.

The bridegroom, Javed, is the nephew of a Bahujan Samaj Party leader and he has fled from the village along with his new bride Sashista.

The couple has been hiding fearing for their lives after the caste panchayat of Ghodi Bhakeda village on Thursday ordered that their eyes be gouged out.

Javed and Sashista had eloped and married going against the wishes of their parents.

"It is a legal marriage. A notice has been issued by the village panchayat to locate us and gouge out our eyes," says Javed.

"It's no crime to get married. We have committed no crime. We want to live with each other," says Sahistha, who is a divorcee.

The panchayat also ordered community members to kill Javed's uncle and BSP leader Mehendi Hasan when he entered the village.

When Hasan returned with the police, the villagers pelted stones at them.
"Javed married a divorcee so the panchayat punished them to set a precedent and deter other couples," says Mehendi Hasan.

An FIR has been filed against 17 people. Investigations are on and the police is offering protection to the couple
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